Biochemistry and Structural Biology  
  Last Name First Name Research/Clinical Interest Title Keywords
  AGARWAL ANUPAM Regulation of heme oxygenase gene expression in kidney and vascular injury heme oxygenase, acute kidney injury, transplant nephrology, transcriptional gene regulation
  ALMEIDA JONAS Computational Infrastructure for Integrative Bioinformatics Informatics, computational statistics
  BAILEY SHANNON Molecular mechanisms of chronic alcohol and obesity induced fatty liver disease Molecular mechanisms of alcohol and obesity induced liver diseases; Mitochondrial dysfunction in disease; Molecular bioenergetics; Circadian biology; Functional proteomics; Nitric oxide; Free radical biology; Toxicology
  BELLIS SUSAN Cell/matrix interactions in disease and tissue regeneration integrin, death receptors, cell adhesion, apoptosis, signal transduction, glycosylation, extracellular matrix, bone, biomaterials, tissue engineering
  BHATNAGAR SUSHANT Identification and characterization of novel factors in insulin secretion in obesity and type 2 diabetes Energy Metabolism, Metabolic Disorders, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Beta Cell Biology, Insulin Secretion, SNARE Biology, Secreted Proteins, Insulin Granule Trafficking, Tomosyn Proteins, Post-translational Modifications
  BJORNSTI MARY-ANN DNA topoisomerase I, yeast genetics, cancer chemotherapeutics, TOR signaling, SUMOylation, DNA damage response, drug resistance, siRNA screening, breast cancer
  BLUME SCOTT Specific regulation of gene expression at the translational level - through sequence-specific RNA-binding proteins and complex 5'-untranslated RNA sequences; dysregulation of gene-specific translational control mechanisms in cancer. RNA-binding proteins, gene-specific translational regulation, breast cancer, c-myc, IGF1R, internal ribosomal entry site (IRES).
  BRAUNEWELL KARL-HEINZ Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Function of neuronal calcium sensors in health and disease neuronal calcium sensor, glioblastoma, tumor invasion, signal transduction
  BRENNER MICHAEL Molecular Sudies of Astrocytes in Health and Disease astrocyte, GFAP, transcription, neurodegeneration, transgenic mice
  CHEN CHING-YI Post-transcriptional regulation of adipocyte lipid metabolism and type 2 diabetes Post-transcriptional regulation, RNA-binding protein, Adipocyte function
  CHESNOKOV IGOR DNA Replication and Cell Cycle in Eukaryotes DNA replication, cytokinesis, Origin Recognition Complex
  CHOW LOUISE Human papillomavirus DNA replication and pathogenesis HPV infections and cancers
  FRANK STUART Growth Hormone Action and GH Receptor Structure and Function growth hormone, signaling, prolactin, IGF-1, growth factors
  GROSS ALECIA GPCR trafficking in neurons and rhodopsin-mediated retinal degenerations rhodopsin, autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa, GPCR trafficking, rab11, evi5, DENND4a, retinal degeneration, inflammatory response in retina
  HABEGGER KIRK FGF21 as mediator of the metabolic actions of glucagon & Duodenal nutrient exclusion enhances glucose metabolism via CNS regulation
  HARTMAN JOHN Experimental models of gene interaction networks that buffer human disease using cell array phenotyping of yeast gene knockout libraries yeast genetics, quantitative high throughput cell array phenotyping (Q-HTCP), gene interaction networks, aging, cystic fibrosis, dNTP metabolism, systems biology, drug discovery, lab automation
  HASSAN MOHAMMAD MicroRNA and Epigenetic Regulation of Bone and Tooth Formation MicroRNA, Epigenetics, Bone, Tooth, Osteoblast Gene Expression, Odontoblast Gene Regulation
  HIGGINS N Genetic and Biochemical Studies of Chromosome Dynamics Topoisomerases, Transposition, Site-specific Recombination, Genetics
  HOLMES ROSS Oxalate Handling and Synthesis and its Relationship to Health and Disease urolithiasis, oxalate, glycolate, hydroxyproline, metabolism
  HUNTER CHAD Transcriptional control of pancreatic beta cell development and adult islet cell function Diabetes, Transcription Factor, Coregulators, Gene Regulation, Organogenesis, Pancreas, Chromatin, Developmental Biology, Endocrinology
  KEDISHVILI NATALIA Discovery and characterization of novel enzymes that regulate the conversion of vitamin A to bioactive retinoic acid vitamin A, retinoic acid, oxidoreductases, development, differentiation
  KLUG CHRISTOPHER Hematopoietic stem cell biology, acute leukemia, and pancreatic cancer
  KRISHNA N. RAMA Structural Biology and Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy Proteins, Structural Biology, NMR
  LEFKOWITZ ELLIOT Microbial Genomics and Evolution; Bioinformatics, and Clinical Informatics Viruses, Evolution, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Informatics
  LIMDI NITA Pharmacogenetics of drug response Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Warfarin , Antiplatelet drugs, Antithrombotic, comparative effectiveness
  MORGAN SARAH Nutrition, osteoporosis, bone densitometry, folic acid, methotrexate
  NIEDERWEIS MICHAEL Novel proteins in the outer membrane of mycobacteria: Functions, structures, role in tuberculosis and applications tuberculosis, virulence, antibiotic resistance, membrane, proteins, transport, nanotechnology
  NOVAK JAN Pathogenesis and treatments of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, cancer. IgA nephropathy. Mucosal immunology. Biomarkers.
  PATEL RAKESH Modulation of Inflammation by Reactive Species and N-glycans vascular, hemoglobin, red cells, Inflammation, isoflavones, Nitric oxide, nitrite, N-glycan
  PETIT CHAD Strain Dependent Structure and Function of the Influenza NS1 Protein influenza, nmr, ns1, structural biology, virology
  PITTLER STEVEN Basic and Translational Studies of Photoreceptor Metabolism and Retinal Degeneration retinitis pigmentosa, phosphodiesterase, cGMP-gated cation channel, photoreceptor, phototransduction
  PLACZEK WILLIAM Anti-cancer target validation and structure-based drug discovery. NMR spectroscopy, cancer, drug discovery, peptide synthesis, structural biology, apoptosis, signaling
  RAMANADHAM SASANKA Role of Lipid Mediators in Signal Transduction Islets, signal transduction, iPLA2, bone, protease inhibitors
  RENFROW MATTHEW Analysis of Protein Glycosylation in Human Disease by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FT-MS), protein glycosylation, IgA O-glycosylation, IgA nephropathy, proteomics, glycoproteomics
  ROWE STEVEN Cystic Fibrosis Clinical and Translational Research cystic fibrosis, CFTR, nonsense mutations
  RYAN THOMAS Stem Cell Therapies in Animal Models of Human Disease Sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, embryonic stem cells, hemoglobin, mutagenesis, gene regulation
  SCHNEIDER DAVID Control of RNA polymerase I transcription cancer, gene expression, post-translational control, ribosomes, transcription
  SONTHEIMER HARALD The Role of Neuroglia in Brain Function and Disease Cell migration, brain development, primary brain tumors, glioma, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, stem cells, regeneration
  STRONG THERESA Identification of Tumor Antigens and Development of Cancer Vaccines gene therapy, immunotherapy, vaccine, Phase I clinical trials
  SUDARSHAN SUNIL The Metabolic Basic of Kidney Cancer tumor metabolism, epigenetics, renal cancer
  SZTUL ELIZABETH Membrane Traffic; Protein Degradation Cystic fibrosis, membrane traffic, degradation, quality control
  THOMPSON SUNNIE Translation initiation and replication of RNA viruses Host pathogen interactions, Mechanisms of viral translation, IRES, Picornaviruses, Flaviviruses, Ribosome, Translational mechanisms in Cancer
  TOWNES TIM Developmental Regulation of Gene Expression
  VAN WAARDENBURG ROBERT Structure-Function analysis of Tyrosyl-DNA phosphodieasterase I; Developing a DNA Repair Enzyme as Therapeutic Target for Anti-Cancer Treatment Structure-function analysis, Mechanism of Action of proteins and drugs (chemotherapeutics), Drug Development for novel therapeutic targets, Post-translational modification by Ubiquitin and SUMO (Small Ubiqitin like modifier), Protein interactions
  VASSYLYEV DMITRY Structural studies of prokaryotic transcription
  WANG HENGBIN Role of Histone Modification in Chromatin and cellular Function epigenetics, histone modifications, ubiquitination and deubiquitination
  WENDE ADAM Mechanisms of glucose mediated regulation of cardiac mitochondrial function Diabetes, Hypertension, Exercise, Mitochondria, Metabolism, Glucose, Epigenetics, Gene expression, transcription, O-GlcNAc, protein modifications, DNA methylation, Histone modification, GLUT4, PDK2, PDK4
  WU HUI Microbiome, Bacteria and Host Interactions, Structural Biology and Glycobiology Microbiome, biofilms, protein glycosylation, osteoclastogenesis, and bone resorption
  YANG QINGLIN Molecular and biochemical mechanisms of myocardial energy metabolism PPAR, ATP synthase, mitochondria, energy metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, glucose metabolism, heart failure, cardiac hypertrophy, diabetic cardiomyopathy
  YUSUF NABIHA Innate immune mechanisms in tumor development toll like receptors, immune system, cancer, T-cells
  ZHENG XINGLONG Molecular Mechanisms of Normal and Abnormal Blood Clotting; Inflammation and Microvascular Thrombosis; CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Thrombotic Diseases ADAMTS13, von Willebrand factor, TTP, Arterial thrombosis, Vascular biology, Autoimmunity, and Inflammation, CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing