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Campus Address MT 643 Zip 4410
Phone  205-934-6883
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Faculty Appointment(s)
Appointment Type Department Division Rank
Primary  Medicine  Med - Preventive Medicine Professor
Secondary  Dept of Medical Education  Dept of Medical Education Associate Professor
Center  Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Diseases Center (Org Ret)  Arthritis & Musculoskeletal Diseases Center (Org Ret) Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Center for Outcomes & Effectiveness Res & Educ Professor
Center  Comprehensive Ctr for Healthy Aging  Comprehensive Ctr for Healthy Aging Professor
Center  Medicine  Comprehensive Diabetes Ctr (Org Ret) Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Ctr for Clinical & Translational Sci Professor
Center  Cell, Developmntl, & Integrative Biology  Ctr for Exercise Medicine Professor
Center  Medicine  Ctr Cardiovasc Bio (Org Ret) Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Minority Health & Research Center Professor
Center  Nutrition Sciences   Nutrition Obesity Res Ctr (NORC) Professor
Center  Biostatistics  UAB Ctr for Study of Community Health Professor

Biographical Sketch 
AB, Dartmouth College, 1982.
MD, Cornell University Medical College, 1986.
Internship/Residency, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 1989
Instructor in Medicine, Brown University, 1989-1991
Private Practice, 1991-1995
Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, 1996-2003
Assistant Professor of Medicine, UAB, 2003-2007
Associate Professor of Medicine, UAB, 2007-2012
Professor of Medicine, UAB, 2012-present

I have two components to my research program. One is cardiovascular epidemiology in the REasons for Geographic And Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) study. I lead the ancillary study on coronary heart disease outcomes for REGARDS, funded by NHLBI. I also do observational research in other large databases with a focus on health disparities.

I also have a community-based intervention research program called Encourage. We have ongoing studies of community health worker-delivered interventions as a strategy to overcome barriers to optimizing health outcomes among individuals living with diabetes in the rural Alabama Black Belt.

Society Memberships
Organization Name Position Held Org Link
American Diabetes Association  Member   
American Heart Association Council on Epidemiology and Prevention  Member   
American Stroke Association  Member   
Society for General Internal Medicine  member   

Research/Clinical Interest
REGARDS-MI study (cardiovascular epidemiology); Encourage program (community health worker delivered interventions to improve diabetes outcomes in the Alabama Black Belt)
Eliminating health disparities in cardiometabolic disease outcomes.

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Barasch A, Safford MM, Dapkute-Marcus I, Fine DH. Efficacy of chlorhexidine gluconate rinse for treatment and prevention of oral candidiasis in HIV-infected children. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Radiol Endod. 2004, Feb;97(2):204-7.    
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Barasch A, Safford MM. Diet medications and valvular heart disease: the current evidence. Spec Care Dentist. 2002 May-Jun;22(3):108-14.
The TRIAD Study Group. Translating Research into Action for Diabetes (TRIAD): A Multi-Center Study of Diabetes in Managed Care. Diabetes Care, 25(2):386-9, 2002. (Safford MM, one of 6 Principal Investigators)   
Shuldiner AR, Goldstein BJ, O’Keefe JH, Safford MM, Unger J. Controlling type 2 diabetes. Medical Crossfire, 3(6):32-43, 2001.   
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MacGregor RR, Safford MM, Meir S. Effects of ethanol on functions required for the delivery of neutrophils to sites of inflammation. J Infec Dis. 1988; 157: 682-9.   

Diabetes; disparities; cardiovascular disease