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Campus Address WTI 630 Zip 3300
Phone  (205) 934-7077
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Undergraduate  Carnegie Institute of Technology    1967  B.S. 
Graduate  University of Rochester    1970  M.S. 
Graduate  University of Rochester    1972  Ph.D. 

Faculty Appointment(s)
Appointment Type Department Division Rank
Secondary  Pharmacology/Toxicology   Pharmacology/Toxicology Chair's Office Associate Professor
Center  Comp Arthritis, MSK, Bone & Autoimmunity Ctr  Comp Arthritis, MSK, Bone & Autoimmunity Ctr Professor
Center  Comprehensive Cancer Center  Comprehensive Cancer Center Professor
Center  Ctr for Glial Bio in Med  Ctr for Glial Bio in Med Professor
Primary  Radiation Oncology   Rad Onc - Radiobiology Professor
Secondary  Surgery   Surgery - General Surgery Professor
Secondary  Pathology   Pathology Chair Office Professor

Graduate Biomedical Sciences Affiliations
Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Program 
Integrative Biomedical Sciences 
Medical Scientist Training Program 
Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine 

Biographical Sketch 
Dr. Donald J. Buchsbaum was born in New York City in March 1945. In 1972 he received his Ph.D. in Biophysics-Immunology from the University of Rochester. Before coming to UAB in 1990, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan and the University of Minnesota.

Society Memberships
Organization Name Position Held Org Link
American Association for Cancer Research 
American Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncology 
American Society of Clinical Oncology 

Research/Clinical Interest
Cancer immunotherapy
My research is focused on the use of monoclonal antibodies that bind cancer cell surface receptors for cancer therapy in combination with chemotherapy agents, Wnt inhibitors, or radiation. This research involves investigation of the mechanisms of enhanced cytotoxicity produced by combination treatment. Orthotopic and metastatic breast, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer xenograft models are being used to optimize therapeutic regimens in collaboration with investigators from the Divisions of Gynecologic Oncology and Hematology/Oncology at UAB. We are also investigating the use of small molecule inhibitors of the Wnt pathway produced at Southern Research for cancer therapy and targeting of cancer initiating cells in breast, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer models. Other research involves cancer treatment with alpha-particle emitters conjugated to monoclonal antibodies. In collaboration with investigators at HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, we are investigating the use of genomics to predict the response of patients with triple-negative breast cancer, ovarian cancer, or pancreatic cancer treated with chemotherapy. Recent efforts involve the use of histone deacetylase inhibitors to upregulate the MHCII pathway and immune response against syngeneic breast and ovarian cancer models, which is being investigated in combination with checkpoint inhibitor therapy.

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Buchsbaum DJ, Zhou T, Grizzle WE, Oliver PG, Hammond CJ, Zhang S, Carpenter M, LoBuglio AF: Antitumor efficacy of TRA-8 anti-DR5 monoclonal antibody alone or in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy in a human breast cancer model. Clin Cancer Res 9:3731-3741, 2003.  14506165 
Oh S, Stish BJ, Vickers SM, Buchsbaum DJ, Saluja AK, Vallera DA: A new drug delivery method of bispecific ligand-directed toxins, which reduces toxicity and promotes efficacy in a model of orthotopic pancreatic cancer. Pancreas 39:913-922, 2010.  20182395 
Kim H, Folks KD, Guo L, Stockard CR, Fineberg NS, Grizzle WE, George JF, Buchsbaum DJ, Morgan DE, Zinn KR: DCE-MRI detects early vascular response in breast tumor xenografts following anti-DR5 therapy. Mol Imaging Biol 13:94-103, 2011  20383593 
Arnoletti JP, Frolov A, Eloubeidi M, Keene K, Posey J, Wood T, Greeno E, Jhala N, Varadarajulu S, Russo S, Christein J, Oster R, Buchsbaum DJ, Vickers SM: A phase I study evaluating the role of the anti-epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) antibody cetuximab as a radiosensitizer with chemoradiation for locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Cancer Chemother Pharmacol 67: 891-897, 2011.  20589377 
McNally LR, Welch DR, Beck BH, Stafford LJ, Long JW, Sellers JC, Huang Z-Q, Grizzle WE, Stockard CR, Nash KT, Buchsbaum DJ: KISS1 over-expression suppresses metastasis of pancreatic adenocarcinoma in a xenograft mouse model. Clin Exp Metastasis 27:591-600, 2010.  20844932 
Bevis KS, McNally LR, Sellers JC, Della Manna D, Londoño Joshi AI, Amm H, Straughn JM, Jr, Buchsbaum DJ: Anti-tumor activity of an anti-DR5 monoclonal antibody, TRA-8, in combination with taxane/platinum-based chemotherapy in an ovarian cancer model. Gynecol Oncol, 121:193-199, 2011.  21211830 
Kim H, Folks KD, Guo L, Sellers JC, Fineberg NS, Stockard CR, Grizzle WE, Buchsbaum DJ, Morgan DE, George JF, Zinn KR: Early therapy evaluation of combined cetuximab and irinotecan in orthotopic pancreatic tumor xenografts by dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. Mol Imaging 10:153-167, 2011.  21496446 
Oh S, Todhunter DA, Panoskaltsis-Mortari A, Buchsbaum DJ, Vallera DA: A deimmunized bispecific ligand-directed toxin that shows an impressive anti-pancreatic cancer effect in a systemic nude mouse model of orthotopic neoplasm. Pancreas 41:789-796, 2012.   22258068 
Lin C, Lu W, Zhang W, Londoño-Joshi AI, Buchsbaum DJ, Bu G, Li Y: The C-terminal region Mesd peptide mimics full-length Mesd and acts as an inhibitor of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling in cancer cells. PLoS ONE 8:e58102, 2013.   23469146 
Kerr EH, Frederick PJ, Egger ME, Stockard CR, Sellers J, DellaManna D, Oelschlager DK, Amm HM, Eltoum IE, Straughn JM, Buchsbaum DJ, Grizzle WE, McNally LR: Lung resistance-related protein (LRP) expression in malignant ascitic cells as a prognostic marker for advanced ovarian serous carcinoma. Ann Surg Oncol 20: 3059-3065, 2013.  23525731 
Devine DJ, Rostas JW, Metge BJ, Das S, Mulekar MS, Tucker JA, Grizzle WE, Buchsbaum DJ, Shevde LA, Samant RS: Loss of N-Myc interactor promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition by activation of TGF-ß/SMAD signaling. Oncogene 33:2620-2628, 2014.  23770854 
Kim H, Rigell CJ, Zhai G, Lee SK, Samuel SL, Martin A, Umphrey HR, Stockard CR, Beasley TM, Buchsbaum DJ, Li LS, Boothman DA, Zinn KR: Antagonistic effects of anti-EMMPRIN antibody when combined with chemotherapy against hypovascular pancreatic cancers. Mol Imaging Biol 16:85-94, 2014.  23836505 
Bey EA, Reinicke KE, Srougi MC, Varnes M, Anderson VE, Pink JJ, Li LS, Patel M, Cao L, Moore Z, Rommel A, Boatman M, Lewis C, Euhus DM, Bornmann WG, Buchsbaum DJ, Spitz DR, Gao J, Boothman DA: Catalase abrogates beta-lapachone-induced PARP1 hyperactivation-directed programmed necrosis in NQO1-positive breast cancers. Mol Cancer Ther 12:2110-2120, 2013.  23883585 
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Fauci JM, Sabbatino F, Wang Y, Londoño-Joshi AI, Straughn JM Jr, Landen CN, Ferrone S, Buchsbaum DJ: Monoclonal antibody-based immunotherapy of ovarian cancer: targeting ovarian cancer cells with the B7-H3-specific mAb 376.96. Gynecol Oncol 132:203-210, 2014.  24216048 
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Forero A, Li Y, Chen D, Grizzle WE, Updike KL, Merz ND, Downs-Kelly E, Burwell TC, Vaklavas C, Buchsbaum DJ, Myers RM, LoBuglio AF, Varley KE: Expression of the MHC Class II Pathway in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Tumor Cells Is Associated with a Good Prognosis and Infiltrating Lymphocytes.
Cancer Immunol Res 4:390-399, 2016.  
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Immunotherapy, Wnt inhibitors, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer