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Campus Address ZRB 239 Zip 0007
Phone  (205) 975-5665
E-mail  schwebke@uab.edu
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Primary  Medicine  Med - Infectious Diseases Professor Emeritus

Biographical Sketch 
Dr. Jane Schwebke is a Professor of Medicine who also has a joint appointment in Epidemiology in the UAB School of Public Health and serves as Medical Director of the Jefferson County Department of Health STD Clinic.

Research/Clinical Interest
Dr. Schwebke’s laboratory has emphasized microbiologic studies of vaginal flora in women including Trichomonas vaginalis and bacterial vaginosis (BV). Dr. Schwebke’s recent work has included the development of new methodologies for evaluation of changes in vaginal flora over time, new perspectives on the origins and management of women with BV, and evaluation of new diagnostic tests (culture methods, PCR) for trichomoniasis. She has also recently guided development of laboratory efforts to evaluate and carry out surveillance for nosocomial infections caused by resistant bacteria within UAB Hospital. Major ongoing research efforts include studies of interactions between BV and risk for other STDs; characterization of the make-up and shifts in normal vaginal flora in women; prevention of recurrent BV; and the epidemiology and optimal management strategies for trichomoniasis in males. Her research is funded through the UAB STD CRC (E.W. Hook, PI, J.R. Schwebke Co-PI); and 3 funded RO-1 grants (J.R. Schwebke, P.I.).

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
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