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Associate Professor
Campus Address FOT 1040 Zip 0017
Phone  (205) 934-1813
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Undergraduate  Xiangya School of Medicine, CentralSouth University, China    1987  M.D. 
Graduate  University of Alabama at Birmingham    1998  Ph.D. 
Residency  University of Alabama at Birmingham    2004 - 2008   
Fellowship  The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas    2008 - 2009   

ECFMG  2003 
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology  2008 
United Council for Neuro-Oncology  2015 

Faculty Appointment(s)
Appointment Type Department Division Rank
Center  Comprehensive Cancer Center  Comprehensive Cancer Center Associate Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Ctr for Clinical & Translational Sci Associate Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Comprehensive Neuroscience Center Associate Professor
Primary  Neurology   Neurology Chair Office Associate Professor

Graduate Biomedical Sciences Affiliations
Cancer Biology 

Biographical Sketch 
Dr. Han received his MD from Xiangya School of Medicine, CentralSouth University, China, in 1987. He earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he studied gene regulation in E. coli in the laboratory of Dr. Charles Turnbough. He did his Neurology residency at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and completed a clinical fellowship in Neuro-Oncology at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. He is appointed as Associate Professor of Neurology at UAB.

Society Memberships
Organization Name Position Held Org Link
American Academy of Neurology  member   
Society of Neuro-Oncology  Member   

Research/Clinical Interest
Epigenetic Regulation in Glioblastoma
Dr. Han is interested in epigenetic reprogramming in glioblastoma. Specifically, Dr Han is examining how protein arginine methyltransferase-5 regulates glioma stem cells and its role in gliomagenesis.

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
A randomized phase II trial of standard dose bevacizumab versus low dose bevacizumab plus lomustine (CCNU) in adults with recurrent glioblastoma. Shiao-Pei Weathers, Xiaosi Han, Diane D. Liu, Charles A. Conrad, Mark R. Gilbert, Monica E. Loghin, Barbara J. O'Brien, Marta Penas-Prado, Vinay K. Puduvalli, Ivo Tremont-Lukats, Rivka R. Colen, W. K. Alfred Yung, John F. de Groot. J Neurooncol. 129(3):487-94. Sep, 2016,   
Nathan Gundacker, Sarah R. Perez, Ricardo Franco, Xiaosi Han. Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis presenting as a brainstem encephalitis. Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 143:76-79, 2016   
Wagener BM, Hu M, Zheng A, Zhao X, Che P, Brandon A, Anjum N, Snapper S, Creighton J, Guan JL, Han Q, Cai GQ, Han X, Pittet JF, Ding Q. Neuronal Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein regulates TGF-β1-mediated lung vascular permeability. FASEB J. 30(7):2557-69. 2016.   
Zhou Xu, Xingruo Zeng, Jiawei Xu, Derek Xu, Jingxia Li, Honglei Jin, Guosong Jiang1, Xiaosi Han and Chuanshu Huang Isorhapontigenin (ISO) suppresses glioblastoma stem cell (GSC) growth through regulating miR-145/SOX2/Cyclin D1 axis. Neuro-Oncology, Jun 2016.   
Li Zhang,Ngoc-Tung Tran,Hairui Su,Rui Wang,Yuheng Lu,Haiping Tang,Sayura Aoyagi,Ailan Guo,Alireza Khodadadi-Jamayran,Dewang Zhou Kun Qian,Todd Hricik,Jocelyn Côté Xiaosi Han,Wenping Zhou,Suparna Laha,Omar Abdel-Wahab,Ross L Levine,Glen Raffel, Yanyan Li, Dongquan Chen Haitao Li Tim Townes Hengbin Wang Haiteng Deng Y George Zheng Christina Leslie, Minkui Lu, Xinyang Zhao, Cross-talk between PRMT1-mediated methylation and ubiquitylation on RBM15 controls RNA splicing, eLife, Nov. 2015.   
Gregory K. Friedman, Blake P Moore, Li Nan, Virginia M. Kelly, Tina Etminan, Catherine P. Langford, Hui Xu, Xiaosi Han, James M. Markert, Elizabeth A. Beierle, G. Yancey Gillespie. Pediatric Medulloblastoma Xenografts Including CD133+ and CD15+ Cancer Stem Cells are Sensitive to Killing by Oncolytic Herpes Simplex Viruses, Neuro-Oncology, Feb. 2016   
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Che P, Yang Y, Han X, Hu M, Sellers JC, Londono-Joshi AI, Cai GQ, Buchsbaum DJ, Christein JD, Tang Q, Chen D, Li Q, Grizzle WE, Lu YY, Ding Q. S100A4 promotes pancreatic cancer progression through a dual signaling pathway mediated by Src and focal adhesion kinase. Sci Rep. 2015 13;5:8453. doi: 10.1038/srep08453   
Gregory Friedman, Li Nan, Marilyn Haas, Virginia Kelly, Blake Moore, Catherine Langford, Hui Xu, Xiaosi Han, Elizabeth Beierle, James Markert, Kevin Cassady, and Yancey Gillespie. γ134.5-Deleted HSV-1 Expressing Human Cytomegalovirus IRS1 Gene Kills Human Glioblastoma Cells as Efficiently as Wild-type HSV-1 in Normoxia or Hypoxia. Gene Therapy, 2014 Nov 27. doi: 10.1038/gt.2014.107. [Epub ahead of print].   
Denise O. Leung, Xaosi Han, Tom Mikkelsen, L. Burt Nabors. Role of MRI in Primary Brain Tumor Evaluation. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (JNCCN), 2014    
Xiaosi Han and Charles L.Turnbough. Transcription Start Site Sequence and Spacing Between the -10 Region and Start Site Affect Reiterative Transcription-Mediated Regulation of carAB Expression in Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology, in press, 2014.    
Xiaosi Han, Xiuhua Yang, Crystal G Wheeler, Catherine P Langford, Wenbin Zhang, Lu Wu, Natalia Filippova, Gregory K Friedman, Qiang Ding, Hassan M Fathallah-Shaykh, G Yancey Gillespie, L Burt Nabors. The Role of Src Family Kinases in Growth and Migration of Glioma Stem Cells. International Journal of Oncology 45(1):302-10, 2014.    
Xiaosi Han, Rong Li, Wenbin Zhang, Xiuhua Yang, Crystal G Wheeler, Gregory K Friedman, Paula Province, Qiang Ding, Zhiying You, Hassan M Fathallah-Shaykh, G Yancey Gillespie, Xingyang Zhao, Peter H King, L Burt Nabors. Expression of PRMT5 Correlates with Malignant Grade in Gliomas and Plays a Pivotal Role in Tumor Growth In Vitro. Journal of Neuro-Oncoloy 118(1):61-72, 2014.
Paula Province, Corinne E. Griguer, Xiaosi Han, Louis B. Nabors and Hassan Fathallah Shaykh. Hypoxia, Angiogenesis and Mechanisms for Invasion of Malignant Gliomas, Evolution of the Molecular Biology of Brain Tumors and the Therapeutic Implications, Terry Lichtor (Ed.), ISBN 978-953-51-0989-1, 2013.   
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Han, X., J.E. Stewart, Jr, S. Bellis, E.N. Benveniste, J.R. Grammer, and C.L. Gladson. TGF-beta1 upregulates paxillin protein expression in astrocytoma cells: requirement for a fibronectin substrate. Oncogene 20(55):7976-7986, 2001    
Han, X., Charles Turnbough. Regulation of carAB expression in Escherichia coli occurs in part through UTP-sensitive reiterative transcription. Journal of Bacteriology 180(3):705-713, 1998    

glioblastoma, protein argine methyltransferase-5, glioma stem cell, epigenetics