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Campus Address BDB 625 Zip 0012
Phone  (205) 934-3064
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Medical School  SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse    1987  MD 
Residency  Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center    1991  MD 
Residency  New York University Medical Center    1994  MD 
Fellowship  Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center    1996  MD 

General Surgery Board Certification    

Faculty Appointment(s)
Appointment Type Department Division Rank
Primary  Surgery   Surgery - Gen Surg Oncology Section Professor

Biographical Sketch 
Dr. Martin J. Heslin, M.D. joined the faculty of UAB Department of Surgery, Division of Surgical Oncology in 1996, following completion of his Surgical Oncology Fellowship at Sloan-Kettering Hospital. He has extensive training in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. He has established a thriving gastrointestinal oncology practice which focuses primarily on neoplasms of the pancreas, stomach and esophagus. In 2001, Dr. Heslin was instrumental in the establishment of the UAB Inter disciplinary Gastrointestinal Oncology Center. Dr. Heslin also serves as the Associate Program Director for the General Surgery Residency Program. In the operating room and the clinic, Dr. Heslin is a key instructor and role model for medical students and house staff. He is a reviewer of 4 professional journals, author or co-author on over 80 publications and 9 book chapters. He has been consistently funded researcher with 3 current grants.

Society Memberships
Organization Name Position Held Org Link
Amercian Society of Clinical Oncology     
American College of Surgeons  Fellow    
American Surgical Association     
Society of University Surgeons     
Southern Surgical Association     

Research/Clinical Interest
Improving Engagement and Compliance through Physician-Family Communication: A Demonstration Research Project
Physician-family communication to improve compliance. Pancreatic, colorectal GIST tumor research, Pancreatic SPORE, Surgical Oncology Tissue bank.

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Vickers SM, Chan C, Heslin MJ, Bartolucci A, Aldrete JS. The role of pancreaticoduodenectomy in the treatment of severe chronic pancreatitis. Am Surg.1999 Dec;65(12):1108-11; discussion 1111-2.  10597055 
Howard JH, Tzeng CW, Smith JK, Eckhoff DE, Bynon JS, Wang T, Arnoletti JP,Heslin MJ. Radiofrequency ablation for unresectable tumors of the liver. Am Surg.2008 Jul;74(7):594-600; discussion 600-1  18646476 
Finan KR, Cannon EE, Kim EJ, Wesley MM, Arnoletti PJ, Heslin MJ, Christein JD.Laparoscopic and open distal pancreatectomy: a comparison of outcomes. Am Surg. 2009 Aug;75(8):671-9; discussion 679-80.  19725289 
Heslin MJ, Winzeler AH, Weingarten JO, Diethelm AG, Urist MM, Bland KI.Laparoscopic adrenalectomy and splenectomy are safe and reduce hospital stay and charges. Am Surg. 2003 May;69(5):377-81.  12769207 
Korb ML, Hawn MT, Singletary BA, Cannon JA, Heslin MJ, O'Brien DM, Morris MS. Adoption of preoperative oral antibiotics decreases surgical site infection for elective colorectal surgery. Am Surg. 2014 Sep;80(9):e270-3.  25197859 

Pancreatic, colorectal, and GIST tumors. Gastrointestinal Oncology. adenocarcinoma