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Campus Address 176F 1038 Zip 7333
Phone  (205) 934-3180
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Faculty Appointment(s)
Appointment Type Department Division Rank
Primary  OB/GYN   OB/GYN - Women's Pelvic Med & Reconstructive Surg Professor
Secondary  Medicine  Med-Gerontology/Geriatrics/Palliative Care Professor
Secondary  Surgery   Surgery - Urology (Org Ret) Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Center for Outcomes & Effectiveness Res & Educ Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Center for Women's Reproductive Health Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Ctr for Clinical & Translational Sci Professor
Center  Integrative Center for Aging Research  Integrative Center for Aging Research Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Minority Health & Research Center Professor

Biographical Sketch 
Holly E. Richter, PhD, MD - Dr. Richter is a gynecologist in the Division of Medical/Surgical Gynecology and an Associate Professor in the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gerontology, and Geriatric Medicine. She is an Associate Scientist at the Center for Aging and Co-Principal Investigator at the Genitourinary Disorders Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

Research/Clinical Interest
Dr. Richterís research interests relate to Urogynecology, other non-cancerous gynecological disorders, and gynecological infections. Dr. Richter has considerable relevant experience as an investigator in studies such as the NIDDK-funded Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network, the NICHD-funded Pelvic Floor Disorders Network, and the NIH-funded, multi-centered PEACH Study (Inpatient Versus Outpatient Therapy for Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease), the GIFT (GYN Infections Follow Through) study as well as several industry-related trials. Dr. Richter has mentored over 20 trainees.

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Varner RE, Holley RL, Richter HE, Murphy A. (1998) Infections Related to Placement of Permanent Braided and Monofilament Suture Material Through Vaginal Mucosa. J Pelvic Surgery 4:71-74.   
Richter HE, Varner RE. (1998) Diagnosis of Endometrial Cancer – Current Techniques Used in the Evaluation of Peri and Postmenopausal Bleeding. In: Operative Techniques in Gynecologic Surgery. Geshenson, D.M. (Ed), W. B. Saunders. 3:12-20.   
Ness J, Richter HE, Varner RE, Fillingim R. (1998) A Psychophysical Study of Discomfort Produced by Repeated Filling of the Urinary Bladder. Pain 76:61-69.   
Richter HE, Vanderwaak T, Holley RL, Varner RE. (1999) Postpartum Subacute Complete Uterine Inversion with Incarceration of the Uterus. J Gynecol Surg 15(1):45-48.   
Richter HE, Holley RL, Andrews WW, Owen JO, Miller K. (1999) The Association of Interleukin-6 with Clinical and Laboratory Parameters of Acute Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Am J Obstet Gynecol 181:940-944.   
Holley RL, Richter HE. (1999) Sacrospinous Fixation Versus Abdominal Sacral Colpopexy for Post-Hysterectomy Vaginal Vault Prolapse: A Cost-Effective Analysis. J Pelvic Surgery 5:320-324.   
Holley RL, Richter HE. (1999) Neurologic Disease Presenting as Chronic Pelvic Pain. S Med J 92:1105-1107.   
Holley RL, Richter HE, Goode PS, Varner RE. (1999) Cost-Effectiveness of the Cough Stress Test with Single Cystometrogram Versus Multi-Channel Urodynamics in the Diagnosis of Genuine Stress Incontinence. J Gynecol Tech 5:135-139.   
Richter HE, Varner RE, Sanders E, Holley RL, Northen A, Cliver SP. (2001) Effects of Pubovaginal Sling in Patients with Urethral Hypermobility and Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency – Would They Do It Again? Am J Obstet Gynecol 184(1);14-19.    
Straughn JM, Richter HE, Conner MG, Meleth S. (2001) Small Cell Carcinoma of the Cervix: Predictors of Outcome – A Case Series. Gynecol Onc 83:216-220.