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Campus Address KAUL 840B Zip 0006
Phone  (205) 975-5841
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Undergraduate  Mercyhurst College    1976  BA 
Graduate  University of Cincinnati College of Medicine    1987  PhD 

Faculty Appointment(s)
Appointment Type Department Division Rank
Primary  Medicine  Med - Nephrology Professor
Center  General Clinical Research Center  Nephrology Research & Training Center Professor

Graduate Biomedical Sciences Affiliations
Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine 

Biographical Sketch 
Dr. Inscho’s research focuses on understanding the regulation of renal microvascular function in healthy kidneys and in hypertension. Dr. Inscho earned his PhD in 1987 at the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine. He received postdoctoral training at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Tulane University School of Medicine and was a member of the Tulane University Department of Physiology faculty from 1989 through 2000. In 2001, he joined the Physiology faculty of the Medical College of Georgia as a Professor. He directed MCG’s MD/PhD program from 2004 to 2011 and served as the Interim Dean of the College of Graduate Studies from 2010-2012. Dr. Inscho has supported the scientific community by serving on numerous councils and committees including chairing peer-review AHA and NIH study sections and chairing the Research Committee for the Greater Southeast Affiliate of the American Heart Association. Dr. Inscho received the Harry Goldblatt Award for Cardiovascular Research (1998), the Hoechst Marion Rousell Young Scholars Award from the American Society of Hypertension (2000), and the Lewis K. Dahl Award for Hypertension Research (2008). His work has been continuously funded through investigator initiated grants from the local and national American Heart Associations, the National Kidney Foundation and the National Institutes of Health since 1991. Dr. Inscho serves on the Editorial Boards of prominent scientific journals related to renal physiology and hypertension and he has published over 115 peer-reviewed, original research papers, chapters and reviews.

Society Memberships
Organization Name Position Held Org Link
AHA Council on Hypertension 
American Physiological Society 
American Society of Nephrology 
Microcirculatory Society 

Research/Clinical Interest
Physiology and pathophysiology of the renal microcirculation
Dr. Edward Inscho is an expert in the regulation of renal microvascular function, autoregulatory control of renal blood flow and the renal functional consequences associated with failure of autoregulatory mechanisms. His major focus has been on the role of P1 and P2 receptors in regulating renal microvascular function in healthy and disease kidney settings. His laboratory has led pioneering studies into the direct effects of P1 and P2 receptor activation afferent arteriolar function and, more importantly, on the physiological mechanisms responsible for autoregulatory function. His work has shown that P2X1 receptors mediate pressure dependent autoregulatory behavior in healthy kidneys and that this mechanism is impaired in hypertension, potentially contributing to hypertensive renal injury. The dysfunction observed in hypertension is linked to renal inflammatory mechanisms as well as oxidative stress. More recently, he has made an important linkage between high dietary salt, endothelin and renal microvascular dysfunction. This is important because high dietary salt and the complications of salt sensitive hypertension in kidney injury are critical problems in western societies representing a major health care crisis in the United States.

Selected Publications 
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Complete List of Published Work in MyBibliography:

Guan, Zhengrong, Sean Singletary, Anthony K. Cook, Jennifer S. Pollock, David M. Pollock, and Edward W. Inscho. Pentosan polysulfate preserves renal microvascular P2X1 receptor reactivity and autoregulatory behavior in DOCA-salt hypertensive rats. American Journal of Physiology: Renal Physiology 310(6): F456-F465, 2016.   PMID: 26697978  
Van Beusecum, Justin, Edward W. Inscho. Regulation of Renal Function and Blood Pressure Control by P2 Purinoceptors in the Kidney. Current Opinion in Pharmacology 21: 82-88, 2015.   PMID: 25616035  
Fellner, Robert C., Zhengrong Guan, Anthony K. Cook, David M. Pollock and Edward W. Inscho. Endothelin contributes to blunted renal autoregulation observed with a high salt diet. American Journal of Physiology: Renal Physiology: 309(8): F687-F696, 2015.  PMID: 26246513  

microcirculation, afferent arterioles, autoregulation, inflammation, purinoceptors, endothelin, renal injury, Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4)