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Campus Address BBRB 712 Zip 2170
Phone  (205) 934-3462
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Undergraduate  U. Mary Washington    1970  BS  
Graduate  Yale Sch Forestry    1972  Master Forest Science 
Graduate  U. Virginia    1983  PhD 

Graduate Biomedical Sciences Affiliations
Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Program 
Biochemistry and Structural Biology 
Medical Scientist Training Program 
Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine 

Biographical Sketch 
Dr. Kim completed undergraduate studies at Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia (now Univ. Mary Washington) culminating in a BS in Chemistry. She completed a Master of Forest Science at Yale School of Forestry, and a PhD in Biophysics at the University of Virginia. Initially hired into the Dept of Cell Biology at UAB, she took a 2 yr hiatus at Molecular Geriatrics Corporation at Lake Bluff, IL, as Target Group leader under President and CEO Dr. Ferid Murad (Nobel Laureate, 1998, Medicine). Dr. Kim has been with the Dept of Pharmacology and Toxicology since 1995, and has directed the 2D Proteomics component of the Targeted Metabolomics and Proteomics Laboratory since 2009.

Society Memberships
Organization Name Position Held Org Link
Amer Chem Soc, Amer Soc Mass Spectrometry; Amer Soc Nutrition;      

Research/Clinical Interest
Proteomics of neuroprotective and chemopreventive actions of dietary phytochemicals
Dietary prevention of neurodegenerative conditions such as in Alzheimer's or following menopause; Brain microtubule assembly and function; The role of neurogenesis in learning and memory, as affected by dietary antioxidants; Molecular basis of health benefits of dietary polyphenols, anti-oxidants, and estrogen mimics.

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Cutts JK, Peavy TR, Moore DR, Prasain J, Barnes S, Kim H. Ovariectomy lowers urine levels of unconjugated (+)-catechin, (-)-epicatechin, and their methylated metabolites in rats fed grape seed extract. Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation 2013;16(3):129-138.  DOI: 101515/hmbci-2013-0044, 
Eliuk, S., Renfrow, M., Shonsey, E., Barnes, S., Kim, H. Active Site Modifications of the Brain Isoform of Creatine Kinase by 4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal Correlate with Reduced Enzyme Activity: Mapping of Modified Sites by Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry. Chemical Research in Toxicology, 2007 20:1260-1268   
Kim H, Eliuk S, Deshane J, Meleth S, Sanderson T, Pinner A, Robinson G, Wilson L, Kirk M, Barnes S.
2D gel proteomics: an approach to study age-related differences in protein abundance or isoform complexity in biological samples. Methods Mol Biol. 2007;371:349-91. PMID: 17634592
PMID: 17634592 
DeAngelis JT, Li Y, Mitchell N, Wilson L, Kim H, Tollefsbol TO. 2D Difference Gel Electrophoresis Analysis of Different Time Points during the Course of Neoplastic Transformation of Human Mammary Epithelial Cells. J Proteome Res. Feb 4;10(2):447-58, 2011.   
Deshane J, Chaves L, Sarikonda KV, Isbell S, Wilson L, Kirk M, Grubbs C, Barnes S, Meleth S, Kim H. Proteomics analysis of rat brain protein modulations by grape seed extract. J Agric Food Chem. 2004 Dec 29;52(26):7872-83. PMID: 15612770  PMID 15612770 
Kim H, Cope MB, Herring R, Robinson G, Wilson L, Page GP, Barnes S. 2D difference gel electrophoresis of prepubertal and pubertal rat mammary gland proteomes. J Proteome Res. 2008;7:4638-50. PMID: 18767877  PMID 18767877 
Kim H, Hall P, Smith M, Kirk M, Prasain JK, Barnes S, Grubbs C. Chemoprevention by grape seed extract and genistein in carcinogen-induced mammary cancer in rats is diet dependent. J Nutr. 2004 Dec;134(12 Suppl):3445S-3452S.    

neuroprotection, proteomics, protein modifications, antioxidant dietary supplements, menopause, neurogenesis