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Campus Address VH 242 Zip 0019
Phone  (20-5) -570
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Faculty Appointment(s)
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Primary  Pharmacology/Toxicology   Pharmacology/Toxicology Chair's Office Professor

Biographical Sketch 
B.A. in Biology and Chemistry, University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT (1972); Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology, Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, GA (1976); Postdoctoral training in Insulin Action, Brown University, Providence, RI (1979).

Research/Clinical Interest
Diabetes mellitus treatment; nasal insulin delivery
I have been interested in various aspects of diabetes research for the past 20 years. My laboratory has investigated insulin binding and action in isolated tissues and cells. Currently, I am studying the possibility of delivering insulin at therapeutic levels using ocular, nasal or oral formulations containing novel absorption-enhancing agents. In addition to this primary line of research, I have participated in the field-testing of a new hemoglobin A1c analyzer to be used for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus (Type II).

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Arnold, J, Ahsan, F., Meezan, E. and Pillion, D.J. Nasal Administration of Low Molecular Weight Heparin. J. Pharmaceut. Sci. 91: 1707-1714, 2002.   
Pillion, D., Ahsan, F., Arnold, J. J., Balusubramanian, B.M., Piraner, O and Meezan, E. Synthetic long-chain Alkylmaltosides and Alkyl Sucrose Esters as Enhancers of Nasal Insulin Absorption. J. Pharmaceut. Sci. 91: 1456-1462, 2002.   
Ahsan, F., Arnold, J., Meezan, E. and Pillion, D.J. Enhanced Bioavailability of Calcitonin Formulated with Alkylglycosides Following Nasal and Ocular Administration in Rats. Pharmaceutical Research 18: 1742-1746, 2001.   
Ahsan, F., Arnold, J.J., Meezan, E. and Pillion, D.J. Mutual Inhibition of the Insulin Absorption-Enhancing Properties of Dodecylmaltoside and Dimethyl-B-Cyclodextrin Following Nasal Administration. Pharmaceutical Research 18: 608-614, 2001.   
Pillion, D.J., Hosmer, S. and Meezan, E. Dodecylmaltoside-mediated Nasal and Ocular Absorption of Lyspro-Insulin: Independence of Surfactant Action from Peptide Multimer Dissociation. Pharmaceut. Res. 15:1641-1643, 1998.   
Pillion, D.J., Wang, P., Yorks, J., McCann P. & Meezan, E. Systemic Absorption of Insulin and Glucagon Applied to the Eyes of Rats and a Diabetic Dog. J Ocul Pharmacol Tox 11:283-295, 1995.