Our goal is a learning environment in which every student feels valued, safe, and supported.

ReportIt is designed to be a confidential system that medical students, faculty, and staff can use to report concerns and commendations. The School of Medicine takes all submissions via the ReportIt page seriously. Reports are sent to the appropriate member of the administration for follow-up.

If you are not comfortable submitting your concern via ReportIt, you can make an appointment with someone in Medical Student Services to discuss. You may also utilize UAB's Title IX Office.

The UAB Ethics Hotline is a UAB Enterprise-wide resource that provides employees, students, and others an opportunity to raise concerns anonymously by phone or online 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. For contact information or to file an anonymous report, please visit the
UAB Ethics Matter website.

To submit a maintenance, housekeeping, or facilities request, click here.