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Campus Address WTI 202 Zip 3300
Phone  (205) 934-5077
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Primary  OB/GYN   OB/GYN Chair Office Professor Emeritus
Center  Comprehensive Cancer Center  Comprehensive Cancer Center Professor Emeritus

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Edward Partridge, MD - Dr. Partridge is a Professor, Vice Chairman, and Division Director of Gynecologic Oncology, Associate Director for Community Research and Leader of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program for the NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB.

Research/Clinical Interest
He is Principal Investigator and/or Co-Investigator for nine NCI and other peer review funded grants and contracts. Most of these grants and contracts have interdisciplinary and interdepartmental teams which include behavioral scientists, epidemiologists, gynecologic oncologists, biostatisticians, experts in preventive medicine and others. Due to the longstanding collaborative relationships Dr. Partridge has maintained with the Cancer Center, the group was uniquely positioned to respond to a NIH-NCI RFA was recently awarded for a Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE) in Ovarian Cancer. As Principal Investigator of this multi-million dollar Program grant, Dr. Partridge will direct three proposed major research projects (Gene Therapy, Chemoprevention and Targeted Immunotherapy; four cores (Administrative/Biostatistical Core, Tissue Resources and Immunotheraphy Core, Vector Production Core, and “In Vivo Imaging Core); five proposed developmental research programs and a career development program. This SPORE will include basic science and clinical investigators with appointments in multiple Centers, Schools and departments. This “center-like” program grant will have an internal advisory committee that will include senior leaders from multiple Schools and University-wise Centers (Dr. Eli Capilouto, Dean, School of Public Health; Dr. Max Cooper, School of Medicine,, Pediatrics Microbiology and Pathology; Dr. William Deal, Dean, School of Medicine; Drs. John Hauth and Robert Goldenberg Chair and Vice Chair for Research, respectively, OB/GYN; and Dr. William Koopman, Chairman, Department of Medicine). Dr. Partridge has served as mentor and trainer for nine individuals who have completed fellowships in gynecologic oncology and gone on to very productive careers, many in academic medicine, and all involved in residency training programs. These include (current location) Drs. Robert Edwards (Magee-Women's Hospital), Wendel Naumann (Carolinas Medical Center), Phillip Roland (Northwestern), Matthew Borst (University of Arizona), and Maria Bell (Louisiana State University). Dr. Partridge's many roles in the Comprehensive Cancer Center and his strong experience in interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research will enable him to be an effective mentor and facilitator for this program.

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Nauman RW, Alvarez Rd, Omura GA, Segars E, Kilgore LC, Partridge EE: A phase I study of paclitaxel, doxorubicin, and cisplatin in patients with previously untreated epithelial ovarian cancer. Gynecol Oncol 71(3):450-453, 1998.   
Barnes MN, Roland PY, Straughn M, Kilgore LC, Alvarez RD, Partridge EE: A comparison of treatment strategies for endometrial adenocarcinoma: Analysis of financial impact. Gynecol Oncol 74:443-447, 1999.   
Yarbro JW, Page DL, Fielding LP, Partridge EE, Murphy GP: American Joint Committee on Cancer prognostic factors consensus conference. Cancer 86(11):2436-2466, Review, 1999.   
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Partridge EE. NCCN Practice Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening. Oncology 13(11A), 550-574, 1999.   
Green BL, Partridge EE, Fouad MN, Kohler C; Crayton EF; Alexander L. African-American Attitudes Regarding Cancer Clinical Trials and Research Studies: Results From Focus Group Methodology. Ethnicity & Disease, 10(1), 2000.   
Partridge EE. Differentiation Between the Sick and the Dying: An Ancient Art Forgotten in Modern Medicine. Gyn Onc, 79:1-3, 2000.   
Fouad MN, Partridge E, Green BL, Kohler C, Wynn T, Nagy S, Churchill S. Minority Recruitment in Clinical Trials: a Conference at Tuskegee, Researcher and the Community. Annals of Epidemiology, 10(8), 2000.    
Fouad MN, Partridge E, Wynn T, Green BL, Kohler C, Nagy S. Statewide Tuskegee Alliance for Clinical Trials: A Community Coalition to Enhance Minority Participation in Medical Research. Cancer 91(1), Jan 2001.   
Fouad MN, Funkhouser E, May D, Partridge E, Kiefe CI. Physicians variability in breast and cervical cancer screening practices within same clinics. Clinical Journ of Women’s Health, 1(2), March 2001.