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Faculty Detail    
Campus Address THT 944 Zip 0006
Phone  (205) 975-0680
Other websites Lab Website

Faculty Appointment(s)
Appointment Type Department Division Rank
Primary  Cell, Developmntl, & Integrative Biology  Cell, Developmntl, & Integrative Biology Associate Professor
Secondary  Dermatology  Dermatology Assistant Professor
Center  Comp Arthritis, MSK, Bone & Autoimmunity Ctr  Comp Arthritis, MSK, Bone & Autoimmunity Ctr Associate Professor
Center  Comprehensive Cancer Center  Comprehensive Cancer Center Associate Professor

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Bartle EI, Urner TM, Raju S, and Mattheyses AL (2017) Desmoglein 3 Order and Dynamics in Desmosomes Determined by Fluorescence Polarization Microscopy Biophysical Journal 113(11):2519-2529  29212005 
Stahely SN, Bartle EI, Atkinson CA, Kowalczyk AP, and Mattheyses AL (2016) Molecular Organization of the Desmosome as Revealed by Direct Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy Journal of Cell Science 129: 2897-2904.  27505428 
Schlingmann B, Overgaard CE, Molina SA, Lynn KS, Mitchell LA, Dorsainvil White S, Mattheyses AL, Guidot DM, Capaldo CT, and Koval M (2016) Regulation of claudin/zonula occludens-1 complexes by hetero-claudin interactions Nature Communications 7:12276.  27452368 
Swanger SA, Mattheyses AL, Gentry EG, and Herskowitz JH ROCK1 and ROCK2 Inhibition Alters Dendritic Spine Morphology in Hippocampal Neurons (2016) Cellular Logistics 5(4):e1133266.  27054047 
Liu Z, Liu Y, Chang Y, Seyf HR, Henry A, Mattheyses AL, Yehl K, Zhang Y, Huang Z, and Salaita KS (2016) Nanoscale Optomechanical Actuators for Controlling Mechanotransduction in Living Cells Nature Methods 13:143-6.  26657558 
Stahley SN, Warren MF, Feldman RJ, Swerlick RA, Mattheyses AL, and Kowalczyk AP Super-Resolution Microscopy Reveals Altered Desmosomal Protein Organization in Pemphigus Vulgaris Patient Tissue (2016) Journal of Investigative Dermatology 136:59-66.  26763424 
Stabley D, Oh T, Simon SM, Mattheyses AL*, and Salaita KS* (2015) Real-time Fluorescence Imaging with 20 nm Axial Resolution Nature Communications 6:8307.  26392382 
Mattheyses AL* and Marcus AI (2015) Foster resonance energy transfer (FRET) microscopy for monitoring biomolecular interactions Cheryl Meyerkord and Haian Fu (Ed.) Protein-Protein Interactions: Methods and Applications Second Edition. Methods in Molecular Biology Humana Press 1287:329-339.  25859959