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Campus Address SHEL 414 Zip 2182
Phone  (205) 934-6547
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Faculty Appointment(s)
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Primary  Medicine  Med - Immunology/Rheumatology Associate Professor

Graduate Biomedical Sciences Affiliations
Integrative Biomedical Sciences 
Integrative Genetics Graduate Program 

Biographical Sketch 
B.Sc., Tel Aviv University, Israel (1969) M.Sc., Tel Aviv University, Israel (1972) Ph.D., Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovoth, Israel (1978)

Society Memberships
Organization Name Position Held Org Link
American Association for Cancer Research     

Research/Clinical Interest
Molecular mechanisms underlying progression to advanced prostate cancer
Studies in my laboratory focused on prostate adenocarcinoma, the most frequently encountered neoplasm in American males. Prostate cancer fatalities are rarely due to primary tumors, but rather to widespread metastatic disease. The preferential colonization of bone by prostatic adenocarcinomas has been attributed to the passage of prostate epithelial cells from the prostate to the spine via paravertebral blood vessels. However, molecular mechanisms that facilitate retention of metastatic cells in bone and, their subsequent unrestricted proliferation, are poorly understood. Studies in transgenic mouse models of prostate cancer focus on cell adhesion-mediated molecular mechanisms that: (i) Underlie progression of slow growing prostate tumors to metastatic growth; and that (ii) May be the target of preventive strategies that delay progression of indolent prostate tumors to metastatic growth.

Selected Publications 
Publication PUBMEDID
Surányi P, Kiss P, Ruzsics B, Brott BC, Simor T, Elgavish A, Baker RA, Saab-Ismail NH, Elgavish GA. In vivo myocardial tissue kinetics of Gd(ABE-DTTA), a tissue-persistent contrast agent.Magn Reson Med. 58(1):55-64, 2007.   17659616 
Surányi P, Kiss P, Simor T, Elgavish A, Elgavish GA. A combined method for the determination of myocardial perfusion in experimental animals using microspheres and CMR.J Cardiovasc Magn Reson. 9(3):549-56, 2007.   17365234 
Huffman DM, Johnson MS, Watts A, Elgavish A, Eltoum IA, Nagy TR. Cancer progression in the transgenic adenocarcinoma of mouse prostate mouse is related to energy balance, body mass, and body composition, but not food intake. Cancer Res. 67(1):417-24, 2007.  17185379  
Surányi P, Kiss P, Brott BC, Simor T, Elgavish A, Ruzsics B, Saab-Ismail NH, Elgavish GA. Percent infarct mapping: an R1-map-based CE-MRI method for determining myocardial viability distribution. Magn Reson Med. 56(3):535-45, 2006.   16892184 
Goel HL, Breen M, Zhang J, Das I, Aznavoorian-Cheshire S, Greenberg NM, Elgavish A, Languino LR. beta1A integrin expression is required for type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor mitogenic and transforming activities and localization to focal contacts. Cancer Res.65(15):6692-700, 2005.  16061650  
Mentor-Marcel R, Lamartiniere CA, Eltoum IA, Greenberg NM, Elgavish A.Dietary genistein improves survival and reduces expression of osteopontin in the prostate of transgenic mice with prostatic adenocarcinoma (TRAMP). J Nutr.135(5):989-95, 2005  15867270 
Elgavish A, Wood PA, Pinkert CA, Eltoum IE, Cartee T, Wilbanks J, Mentor-Marcel R, Tian L, Scroggins SE. Transgenic mouse with human mutant p53 expression in the prostate epithelium. Prostate.61(1):26-34, 2004.   15287091 
Elgavish A.A hypothesis for the etiology of interstitial cystitis.Adv Exp Med Biol. 539(Pt B):683-712, 2003. Review  15176319 
Lamartiniere CA, Cotroneo MS, Fritz WA, Wang J, Mentor-Marcel R, Elgavish A. Genistein chemoprevention: timing and mechanisms of action in murine mammary and prostate. J Nutr. 132(3):552S-558S. 2002. Review.   11880592 
Mentor-Marcel R, Lamartiniere CA, Eltoum IE, Greenberg NM, Elgavish A. Genistein in the diet reduces the incidence of poorly differentiated prostatic adenocarcinoma in transgenic mice (TRAMP).Cancer Res. 61(18):6777-82, 2001.   11559550