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Department SURGERY Campus Birmingham
Course Type(s) Elective, Surgery AI-Inpatient Facility VA Medical Center-Birmingham
Course Director JAYLEEN GRAMS, MD Enrollment Limit 1
Contact LAKIA WHITE Enrollment Minimum 1
Email Address 700 19th Street South
Room 4375
Birmingham, AL 35233
Phone 205-933-8107 Fax
Normally Offered

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1-4, 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, 18-21, 22-25, 28-31, 32-35, 36-39, 40-43, 45-48, 49-52
Prerequisites Successful completion of surgery clerkship. Surgery
Visiting Students
Accepts students from US LCME accredited schools.
No osteopathic students accepted.
Course Description In this clinical course, the student will function as an acting intern. In addition, time can be provided so the student may participate in one of the ongoing clinical and basic research projects of the faculty preceptors. If this is desired, it must be prearranged. Students will be assigned direct patient care responsibilities to be undertaken under the supervision of both faculty members and the housestaff. The student will be responsible for direct presentations to the faculty on a regular basis and will be supervised in the operating room by those faculty members. Students are expected to learn the principles of gastrointestinal disease, both pathophysiology and normal physiology and are exposed to the multidisciplinary approach for the management of gastrointestinal pathology.
Where To Report On your first day, report to the VA, Room 4343 at 6 AM. On the Friday prior to the beginning of the course, contact the VA General Surgery Chief Resident via the UAB Paging Operator at (205) 934-3411. You may also try to reach the Chief Resident at (205) 933-8101, ext. 2791.
Requirements Daily attendance, one overnight call weekly along with every other weekend call.
Evaluation Subjective evaluation by participation and observation of apparent patient management capabilities; pass/fail.