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Department FAMILY & COMMUNITY MEDICINE Campus Huntsville
Course Type(s) Special Topic Facility
Course Director DAVID L BRAMM, MD Enrollment Limit 99
Contact PAULA J. CLAWSON Enrollment Minimum 1
Email Address 301 Governors Drive SW
Room 351
Huntsville, AL 35801
Phone (256) 551-4609 Fax 256-551-4451
Normally Offered

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17-17, 44-44
Prerequisites * * * WRITTEN APPROVAL REQUIRED * * * Completion of the first year of medical school; attended a rural high school; must have a rural background. 
Visiting Students
No LCME students accepted.
No osteopathic students accepted.
Course Description In order to increase awareness of medicine as a career option for rural high school students, medical students will give presentations and provide activities in their alma mater high school to assist students and counselors in understanding the pathway to medical school students are required to: 1. Make presentations (powerpoint) to at least 4 classes in the high school, ideally one at each grade level, about the student's own journey to medical school; 2. Meet with the counselor(s) to explain what information high school students need to know to prepare for medical school acceptance. Do at least 1 of these: 3. Set up a one-on-one counseling booth (maybe a table in the cafeteria at lunch time) for students with questions about med school preparation; 4. Produce several "Pathway to Medical School" posters to be posted in the school. Do at least 1 of these: 5. Make at least one presentation of the high-school level Tobacco & Nicotine prevention program (lesson plan provided via the RMP office); 6. Teach a banana suturing class (suture materials provided by the RMP office); 7. Teach a biology class some aspect of medicine - introduction to H&P, the chemistry or biology related to diabetes, diseases associated with smoking, etc. Learning Objective: The medical student will develop communication skills and experience in organizing a presentation. The student will have the opportunity to mentor and encourage rural high school students.
Where To Report TBD
Requirements The Student will be required to make contact and set up dates for their presentations to high school classes. Student must develop a PowerPoint slide set describing their path to medical school which will be presented to high school students. Student will give out and collect pre- and post-presentation surveys from each student and a comment form from the teacher of the high school class. It is expected the student will spend about 3 days in the high school.
Evaluation Pass/Fail; presentation.