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Department MEDICINE Campus Tuscaloosa
Course Type(s) Elective, Other AI-Ambulatory, Elective AI Facility
Course Director KEITH DEBELL Enrollment Limit 1
Contact ASHLEY GALBRAITH Enrollment Minimum 1
Email Address University Medical Center
850 Peter Bryce Blvd.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Phone (205) 348-1287 Fax (205) 348-5160
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Prerequisites Successful completion of the core internal medicine and surgery clerkships and any clerkship which covers the content material of the requested elective or acting internship course (e.g. Pediatric Clerkship must be successfully completed prior to taking a Pediatric Elective or AI). Internal Medicine, Surgery
Visiting Students
No LCME students accepted.
No osteopathic students accepted.
Course Description In this course, the student will (1) acquire experience in the diagnosis and management of endocrine and metabolic disorder, including diabetes and thyroid disease, (2) become familiar with some of the basic biochemical and pathophysiological disturbances associated with these disorders, and (3) become familiar with the common endocrine function tests and their usefulness and limitations. The rotation will center around outpatient clinics. Students will attend 2 or more outpatient clinics per week in which endocrine problems are seen as a major component of the patient population. There will be frequent informal teaching sessions in association with patient care. The student will be evaluated on a subjective basis based upon the attending physician's interview with the student and observations of the student's performance.
Where To Report Email Ashley Galbraith at
Requirements See Course Description.
Evaluation Pass/Fail
Notes Facility: West Alabama Internal Medicine