Shima Dowla    
Year Graduate Student - Year 3   
MSTP Mentor  
Thesis Mentor  
PhD Program MDPHD 
Research Interests  
Campus Phone  
Undergrad Institution Dartmouth College 
Undergrad Major Neuroscience, Other      
Hometown Frankfort, KY 

UAB Student Excellence Award Recipient for Excellence in Service  UAB   2017 
Burroughs Travel Award  Association for Clinical and Translational Science  2017 
Albert Schweitzer Fellow  Albert Schweitzer Foundation   2016 
Travel Award  American Physician Scientist Association  2015 

TL-1 Pre-doctoral Fellowship  Center for Clinical and Translational Science  2015 
NIDDK Medical Student Research Fellowship  UAB Diabetes Research Center  2013 

Peer-Reviewed Publications
Nutritional status of HIV-infected women with tuberculosis in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  26393034