2018 Promoting Multiple R01-Funded Investigators

PURPOSE: The landscape for securing extramural funding is competitive. The NIH in particular is significantly so, with only 10% of applications getting funded. A pinnacle achievement is to become a multi-R01 funded investigator, and it is highly beneficial for an investigator to have seed funding for the next great idea to be competitive in this funding environment. The UAB School of Medicine invites applications for seed funding to move a one-R01 investigator to a two-R01 investigator.
DURATION: Up to two (2) years.
RANGE OF REQUESTED FUNDS: Up to $50,000/year per application.
ELIGIBILITY: The PI of the application must have a primary appointment in a Department within the SOM, and a record of substantial accomplishment in the subject area. One of the criteria for eligibility is having a currently funded R01 that has two years remaining in its current funding cycle. The overall theme of the research should be relevant to at least one of the three research focus areas of the AMC21 Strategic Plan, specifically: 1) Fundamentals of Basic Science Discovery; 2) Outcomes/Health Disparities/Population Health; and 3) Inflammation, Infection and Immunity (I3). Projects can be basic science, translational science, or clinical science. Priority will be given to those R01 or R01-equivalent proposals that have recently been reviewed and scored by the NIH but not funded and are intended to be resubmitted. A recognized R01-equivalent for this purpose includes projects on P and U grants.
FUNDS AVAILABLE: It is anticipated that up to 6 grants, based on scientific merit, will be awarded during the 2018 fiscal year. Funding for the award will be limited to a maximum of $50,000/yr., and a project period of up to two years, pending appropriate progress and achieving benchmarks. Because the scope and nature of the proposed research will vary from application to application, the size of the award may vary. Funds provided under this award can be utilized for support of critical pilot projects, support for non-faculty personnel, and other expenses that are crucial to developing a competitive proposal.
INTENT TO SUBMIT: Intents to submit must be submitted online via this website. Complete the requested form fields and upload the letter of intent as one .pdf, naming the file with the last name of the PI and “LOI” (i.e., VickersLOI.pdf). Upload your NIH-formatted biosketch, naming the file with the last name of the PI and “Biosketch” (i.e., VickersBiosketch.pdf). Letter of Intent should include the title and brief description of the proposed research project. If this project has been recently submitted to the NIH for review, please include information about when it was submitted along with the summary statement.

REVIEW PROCEDURES: Letters of intent to submit will be reviewed by faculty of the SOM. Evaluation will be based on the track record of the PI, the potential for funding, and how well the proposal fits the identified research focus area(s). The first round of review will identify a subset to invite to submit a full application. Full applications will require a biosketch, budget and budget justification (forms to be provided to those invited to submit an application) and a three-page research proposal. Evaluation will be based on the track record of the investigator(s), the potential impact, the innovation of the proposed project, the lack of duplication with existing programs, the likelihood of funding as an R01, and how well the proposal fits the identified research focus area(s).

Successful applicants will be expected to provide semi-annual, written progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can faculty salary support be requested?
Answer: No-only support for non-faculty personnel can be requested.

2. If a co-investigator or a component of the project is from another institution, can support be provided?
Answer: No-support for this RFA must stay at UAB and be used internally. There are complex issues with indirects at other institutions that make it untenable to provide support outside of UAB.

3. If the investigators are proposing a project or experiments that require IRB, IACUC, FDA approval (IND approval) before the project can begin, can they use the JIT "option" and not start the regulatory paperwork unless the project is chosen for funding?
Answer: Yes.

4. Can NIH budget forms and NIH biosketch be used for this application?
Answer: For full proposals, a biosketch form and budget form will be provided.

5. Are the proposals required to go through OSP?
Answer: No.