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Statement of Purpose: The IMPACT awards are intended to augment recruitment and retention packages for outstanding, highly-funded faculty ranked at the Assistant Professor level or higher. These state monies are intended to foster economic growth as assessed by increased extramural support to UAB and by an increase in research employees who are supported, in part or whole, by extramural resources.

Intent of the IMPACT Source of Funds: In general, funds from the IMPACT fund should be directed towards recruiting and, in some cases, retaining outstanding, highly-funded faculty who have research programs that are aligned with the research priorities established in the School of Medicine research strategic plan. The IMPACT fund will be administered by the SOM and will be available to all UAB schools involved in biomedical and technological development. An additional fund will be administered by the Vice President for Researchís office to supplement nonrecruitment related, infrastructure support expenses. These infrastructure awards will be administered through a separate process in the office of the Vice President for Research. Thus, IMPACT funds will not be allocated for infrastructure purposes.


  1. What applications will be considered? Applications should be focused on the recruitment of outstanding, funded faculty. Applications will be reviewed that request funding for
    1. recruitment of new faculty or
    2. retention of outstanding, current faculty
  2. Exclusion criteria: Applications will not be considered that request support for
    1. improvement to the infrastructure, such as construction, renovation, or remodeling of lab or office space,
    2. faculty who are not expected to perform biomedically related research,
    3. acquisition or installation of equipment, or
    4. bridge-funding of individuals who have recently experienced a decrease in their extramural research support.
  3. Application criteria:
    1. Applications will be considered for recruitment of individuals who:
      1. are at the Assistant Professor or higher faculty level and have current extramural support from NIH including K awards;
      2. have a demonstrated record of research productivity and outstanding potential for generating extramural support;
      3. are from outside of the US, have a demonstrated record of research productivity and outstanding potential for generating NIH extramural support; or
    2. Applications will be considered for retention of highly-productive, UAB faculty.
    3. The Deanís office will contribute IMPACT funds up to 25% of the total recruitment/retention package. For example, if the total recruitment package is $1M, the School will provide 25% or $250,000 in IMPACT funding.
    4. Applications should be submitted by the Department Chair. If matching contributions are from resources under the administrative authority of other individuals, a letter indicating the matching commitment should be attached to the application
  4. Applications should include:
    1. the two-page IMPACT application form submitted by the Department Chair,
    2. the curriculum vitae of the faculty member who is being recruited or retained, and if applicable, letters of commitment of matching support from individuals other than the applicant.


  1. Award notification: The applying Department Chair will receive a notice of IMPACT fund award from the Dean's office. The Department Chair is responsible for informing the faculty member who is being recruited or retained.
  2. Accounting requirements: At the time of award, IMPACT funds will be deposited in a separately accounted miscellaneous unrestricted account. Use of the IMPACT fund account will be dependent on a coincident deposit of the entire committed matching funds. For questions and assistance with the establishment of accounts contact Samone Alexander at 6-1705.
  3. Reporting requirements: An annual report is required for the use of these funds. Prior to October 1st, Department Chairs who have received IMPACT funds will be asked for an assessment of the economic impact of these funds. A brief report that details new extramural support to UAB, salary support for personnel paid by extramural awards, and/or revenues originating from the generation of intellectual property will be required. At the time of award, more specific information for this report will be provided.

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