Biochemistry and Structural Biology  
  Last Name First Name Research/Clinical Interest Title Keywords
  ALLER STEPHEN Structure and Function of Human Membrane Proteins Research/Clinical Membrane proteins, structure-based drug design, x-ray crystallography, biophysics, biochemistry, pharmacology, blood-brain barrier, cystic fibrosis, multi-drug resistance, drug transport, breast cancer
  ANANTHARAMAIAH GATTADAHALLI Apolipoproteins, Amphipathic Helices and Atherosclerosis
  BARNES STEPHEN Bile acids, polyphenols and metabolism, and their effects on protein expression and function in chronic disease bile acids, isoflavonoids and polyphenols, metabolomics, proteomics, mass spectrometry
  CAPRIOTTI EMIDIO Computational Biology/Bioinformatics protein and RNA three-dimensional structure, folding and stability, genomic variations, disease-related variants, machine-learning
  CHATTOPADHYAY DEBASISH Structure-Function Analysis of Proteins Structural biology, Protein structure function, Malaria, Chagas' disease, Parasitic disease, Small pox, Bacterial pneumoniae
  DOKLAND TERJE Structural biology of viral assembly and bacterial pathogenicity Staphylococcus, pathogenicity, virus, assembly, bacteriophages, electron microscopy, crystallography, 3D reconstruction
  GREEN TODD Viral Transcription and Replication, Capsid Structure virology, structure, crystallography
  HOLMES ROSS Oxalate Handling and Synthesis and its Relationship to Health and Disease urolithiasis, oxalate, glycolate, hydroxyproline, metabolism
  KHARLAMPIEVA EVGENIA stimuli-responsive polymers, drug delivery, cell surface engineering, protein assembly at interfaces
  KIM HELEN Proteomics of neuroprotective and chemopreventive actions of dietary phytochemicals neuroprotection, proteomics, protein modifications, antioxidant dietary supplements, menopause, neurogenesis
  KRISHNA N. RAMA Structural Biology and Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy Proteins, Structural Biology, NMR
  MUCCIO DONALD Retinoids for cancer prevention and therapy
  NOVAK JAN Pathogenesis and treatments of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, cancer. IgA nephropathy. Mucosal immunology. Biomarkers.
  PETIT CHAD Strain Dependent Structure and Function of the Influenza NS1 Protein influenza, nmr, ns1, structural biology, virology
  PLACZEK WILLIAM Anti-cancer target validation and structure-based drug discovery. NMR spectroscopy, cancer, drug discovery, peptide synthesis, structural biology, apoptosis, signaling
  PREVELIGE PETER Structural Biology of Viral Assembly and Infection
  SAAD JAMIL HIV-Host Interactions and Fas-Mediated Apoptosis HIV, NMR, Cancer, Drug design
  SEGREST JERE Structural Biology of Supramolecular Assemblies (Particularly Lipoproteins and Membranes)
  SHA BINGDONG Structural and functional studies of proteins involved in protein folding and translocations
  SONG YUHUA An integrated multi-scale computational modeling and biological experimental research program to study apoptosis, cell adhesion and biomaterial design Computational Biology/Biomechanics, Mechanotransduction, Protein/Biomembrane structure and function, death receptor-mediated apoptosis, Cell adhesion, Biomaterials
  SONTHEIMER HARALD The Role of Neuroglia in Brain Function and Disease Cell migration, brain development, primary brain tumors, glioma, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, stem cells, regeneration
  WALTER MARK Structure, Biochemistry, and Function of Cytokines involved in Viral pathogenesis and Autoimmunity structural biology, immunology, virology, cytokine, signaling, vaccine, protein design, lupus, interferon, IL-10